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Exchange Bitcoin to Perfect Money usd

Bitcoin (BTC)
Perfect Money (USD)
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Things to know

  • More than 120 people were interested in exchange for last 24 hours.

  • Last order for exchange was 0.1 Bitcoin BTC -> 2266.28 Perfect Money USD.

  • Our current reserve for exchange is 8074.00 USD.

  • We successfully completed 87 Bitcoin BTC to Perfect Money USD exchanges.

  • The total amount 2 BTC for last 30 days.

Exchange Bitcoin to Perfect Money

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. It keeps growing every day with new users, miners and mined coins. For now, more than ⅔ of all 21 millions of coins are already mined. But it becomes more difficult to mine more bitcoins so the last bitcoin will be received after a long time. It was calculated that last bitcoin will be mined in about 2040. The main advantages of bitcoins are irreversible transactions, independent of other currencies rate, decentralised architecture with no issuance centre. One of the disadvantages of Bitcoins is a highly fluctuated rate which makes very risky to keep big amounts. If you wish to sell your bitcoins fast and get payment in other digital currency, Cryptex24 can offer to convert to any supported payment system. You can change Bitcoins to PM.

How to exchange BTC to PM?

Please complete the order form and check how much you get to your PerfectMoney account for Bitcoins with our calculator. Also, you can check our bitcoin rate and fees for a transaction. You will see exact amount that you get to your PM account, with no additional fees. Also, we will need your email so you can sign in to your personal cabinet and PM account number to top up your balance. We provide to you our bitcoin address on your order page and you will be able to pay your order. Please note that you need to pay before order time is expired, we give 15 minutes for that. If we get bitcoins after this timeframe over, bitcoin rate will be recalculated to current and you will get another amount of PM. We’ll send you PM right after receive your bitcoins.

What is Cryptex24?

Cryptex24 is digital money exchange service. We convert digital currencies to cash and to each other. Our service is simple and fast. Orders are processing in few steps and as soon as possible. In the few words, you just need to fill a simple form and send us currency you wish to convert. We have attentive customer support department who will be happy to explain all your questions. You can earn money with our profitable affiliate program. We are always happy to see new and experienced customers on our website and gladly provide our services.

Why should you choose Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is well-known payment system with monthly interests for storing funds and attractive affiliate program. It has more than 10 millions of accounts and continues to grow. Thousands of internet services accept PM because it’s simple to connect with any website and available worldwide. You can make online payments with PM fast and simple, participate in investment projects as many of them accept PM, withdraw your PM funds to cash (with Cryptex24 service) and send money transfers to your friends and relatives as internal transfers in PM are instant. If you have balance in PM, you will always be able to find a place to buy anything you need!