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Exchange MoneyGram to Bitcoin

This form is for exchange orders above 500 USD. If you need to exchange a smaller amount please use this form.

MoneyGram (USD)
Bitcoin (BTC)
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    Auto exchange on most directions
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    Convenient ordering system
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    Highly secure operations

Things to know

  • More than 109 people were interested in exchange for last 24 hours.

  • Last order for exchange was 1000 MoneyGram USD -> 0.2660308 Bitcoin BTC, 3 days ago.

  • Our current reserve for exchange is 5.96 BTC.

  • We successfully completed 46 MoneyGram USD to Bitcoin BTC exchanges.

  • The total amount 2100 USD for last 30 days.

Send MoneyGram money transfer to get Bitcoin

It doesn’t matter if you are new bitcoin user or work with bitcoins for a long time. If you need to top up your bitcoin wallet, there is a convenient way which takes just a few hours. To send such transfer you need about half of an hour to visit the nearest MG agent, fill the request form and pay for the transfer. Money appears on the other side within a several minutes after you make payment. The commission of MoneyGram system is very attractive and makes this transfer system competitive on the market.

How to receive bitcoins with Money Gram?

There are no doubts that if you try this payment method, you agree it’s fast, convenient and not expensive. Just create an order and get the details of our representative on the order page. While making an order you will also provide us your bitcoin address so we could send you bitcoins right after receiving a money transfer from you. Send us MG transfer and provide reference code (you can find it in MoneyGram transfer receipt) on your order page. Once we get your transfer, we top up your bitcoin wallet right away.

What are the advantages of Cryptex24?

Our company spent years working with bitcoins and money transfers. We completely know every step of buying bitcoins with Moneygram and completed lots of similar orders and get many grateful reviews for our work. We offer fast, secure and customer care service with low fees. If you have any questions, please kindly contact us and we gladly answer.

Some details about bitcoins

Bitcoin is one of the safest ways to keep your money online and make online purchases. It’s decentralised cryptocurrency so it has protection from trying to stop working of the system. It has the independent rate from USD or other currencies, oil etc. Rate is determined by it own users on exchange stocks. To transfer bitcoins from one wallet to other no additional commission is required.