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Exchange Bitcoin to PayPal eur

Attention! PayPal charges an additional transfer fee from a recipient, It's deducted from the received amount! Please keep in mind PayPal transfer isn't instant! In business hours we need 5-40 minutes to complete it but in some cases, it can take much longer (up to 10 hours).

Please check if your PayPal account is available to accept payments before you pay the order. Otherwise we won't be able to send you PayPal transfer.

Bitcoin (BTC)
PayPal (EUR)
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Things to know

  • More than 162 people were interested in exchange for last 24 hours.

  • Last order for exchange was 0.013136 Bitcoin BTC -> 636.47 PayPal EUR, 5 days ago.

  • Our current reserve for exchange is 2640.00 EUR.

  • We successfully completed 64 Bitcoin BTC to PayPal EUR exchanges.

  • The total amount 7 BTC for last 30 days.

Exchange Bitcoin to PayPal EUR

Bitcoin was the first decentralized digital currency in the world. It doesn’t depend on physical actives or fiat currencies. Bitcoin rate is determined by market demand and supply. Now bitcoin is a worldwide payment system with no control or processing centre. Features of bitcoin are low-cost, anonymous and unlimited transactions between users worldwide, irreversible transfers without a possibility to return transfer or hold it, you can use bitcoins with your smartphone, computer, online wallet. If you have extra bitcoins and wish to exchange it to PayPal, Cryptex24 provides such service.

How to exchange Bitcoin to PayPal EUR?

You should just fill the order form with email and amount of your Bitcoin transfer. Our calculator shows you how much PayPal Euro you get with all rates and fees. Next provide us your PayPal account (it looks like email) and save the order. The final step is to send us bitcoins using bitcoin address provided on your order page and click “I paid the order” button. After we receive your bitcoins (to accept your bitcoins it must be 3 network confirmations of your transfer), we refill your PayPal account.

What is Cryptex24?

Cryptex24 is the fast and reliable platform to convert digital and cryptocurrencies to each other and to fiat currencies. We work with most popular virtual currencies on the market such as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, PayPal and many others. We use most of widespread transfer systems to buy and sell virtual currencies with fiat. Cryptex24 is a low-cost digital currency exchanger available all over the world.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is worldwide well-known payment system. It allows to make online purchases, send money to your friends, receive salaries etc. It’s available as for personal usage as for business activities. Millions of users and online services in more than 200 countries choose PayPal. You can use your debit card to send money to PayPal account and still get card reward. Also, you can get credit with PayPal with attractive commissions. PayPal customers are fraud protected because transactions in PayPal are reversible. You can open a dispute and get your money back if you didn’t get your product, product was defective etc. PayPal is always loyal to customers. With PayPal, you don’t need to worry about safety of your funds.